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Deep Learning




This is an ongoing project and will be updated as soon as I can.


One of the most exciting developments in computer science/machine learning recently has been the new algorithms that made deep learning possible. I have started to explore the potential of deep learning in astronomy, such as in galaxy morphological classification and the large-scale structure of the Universe. The note below is a summary of the standard backward error propagation (backpropagation in short) learning algorithm in vanilla artificial neural network (ANN, left) and convolutional neural network (CNN, middle and right). I will put it down in latex soon.

I have been developing my own code:


The vanilla ANN code ( is fast and robust. The convolutional CNN code ( is still work in progress and will be updated soon.


This is a nice tutorial on neural network for beginners,


There are also a few well-written packages in deep learning, such as



They have GPU options to speed up the convolution operations drastically.



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