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Dr. Guangtun Ben Zhu

I am an observational astrophysicist. My main research areas are extragalactic astrophysics and data intensive astronomy. I also have broad interests in other fields of science, especially black holes, cosmology and dark matter. I particularly enjoy exploring original ideas and studying unexplained phenomena in the Universe.


Near-ultraviolet Spectroscopy

The next-generation dark energy surveys will take  spectra of tens of millions of galaxies/quasars at high redshift, providing rich datasets of NUV spectroscopy. The image above shows the spectra of about 12,000 galaxies from the eBOSS pilot observations. Click READ MORE below to learn more. 

Quasar Absorption-line Systems

In ~400,000 quasar spectra from the SDSS survey, I have compiled ~100,000 metal absorption-line systems. The image above is a composite image of their spectra as a function of redshift. The catalog is publicly available. Click READ MORE below for more information. 

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